HRM-tracker – a brand-new DI-Group project
November 15, 2016
HRM-tracker, a brand-new DI Group project, has been in the limelight of the major media for the last month.

HRM-tracker or a sleep monitoring device is a tiny wireless gadget barely the size of a credit card that you can put under the mattress. An embedded sensor registers the vibrations from your heartbeat or your breath and then analyses them by means of special algorithms. In the morning, the user can familiarise with the data on his sleep in an app; the data includes the duration of particular phases, respiratory rate and the heartbeat. The registered data can help the doctors diagnose a number of diseases such as sleep apnoea which is the main factor leading to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The main achievement for the project so far is a partnership with Roman Vyatcheslavovitch Buzunov, the President of the Russian Society of Sleep Medicine (, M.D. and the head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Centre for Sleep Medicine "Health Retreat "Barvikha". The device is about to be tested in the centre.

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