The LG Electronics and LG Chem Delegation Visited the DI-Group Head Office
October 7, 2016
On October 6, the DI-Group head office was visited by a delegation of South Korean company LG, namely the units of LG Electronics and LG Chem, headed by an official representative of the company in the Volga region — Nikolai Agudov. Visiting the holding was one of the points of the business program, which in addition to DI-Group included Tomsk State and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The members of the delegation showed great interest in the holding projects. The guests were shown the possibilities of HRM-Tracker — the device monitoring the indicators of the human body during sleep. Its use, in particular, could help doctors diagnose the sudden stopping of breathing during sleep, which is one of the factors in the development of cardiovascular disease. Another demonstrated DI-Group development — Fieldtrack — allows you to track the progress of the athletes in the mastery of sports skills. The device uses its own technology for the object indoor monitoring.