TimeFlip time-tracker is about to be released
November 15, 2016
TimeFlip is a brand-new DI Group project. A portable physical time-tracker will allow you to keep track and optimise the amount of time spent on different tasks.

The gadget looks like a polyhedron with the hardware inside. The user can write down tasks that he wants to track on every face of the device. Then he will have to pin the same tasks to the device's faces in the app on your smartphone or PC. After that, TimeFlip synchronises with a smartphone via Bluetooth. That is all – the gadget is ready to be used. One flip and TimeFlip will start counting the time spent on a task.

The buyer can choose from a number of materials and models with 6 or 12 faces. Customers can also get SDK and CAD-drawings that will allow them to create a device designed specifically for their needs by printing a custom-made case on a 3D-printer.

One of the main TimeFlip's advantages over tracking applications is that it is easy-to-use and highly convenient. Just flip a face to change the task. No more clicks, taps and boring applications!

The first instalment of devices has already been sent to the customers. You can pre-order the device on timeflip.ru till the end of December at a discounted price.

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